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Netwerks Pty Ltd - IT service specialists

We specialise in providing reliable, economic IT solutions and great support services 
for SME's in the greater Sydney Metropolitan Area and the Central Coast

  IT services


  Internet and phone services


network design (LAN and WAN)
workstations and servers
SOHO systems

applications software
system support plans
anti-virus and security
remote access
data backup and protection
disaster recovery planning

We provide everything you need in the way of Internet and phone services - from high speed internet to a new phone system, and everything in between!

Buying Internet and phone services from our ISP means you also receive specially discounted rates for our IT services

  call us on 1300 720 207 to discuss with one of our engineers 
      how we can best support your IT needs

    "one point of contact for all your IT, Internet, and phone services"